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Senior Rugby Team

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2013-2014 contacts for the teams and training

1st team captain:  Andy Barker.
2nd team captain:  Graham Smith.
Coach / Training:  Becky.

All welcome at training - see training page.
Please be aware of Protocol for Referees and players / spectators / coaches: Referee Protocol document.

2013 team
2012-2013 team
We have a new club playing shirt to show off our athletic figures.....modelled by Rob
2013 shirt

On 27th Oct 2012 we had a league game vs Bham Barbarians, which resulted in a record highest score for Essington in a game, ever! Here is our captain Nick, with the famous/lucky match ball.

2012 Owen Cup winners

2012 Owen Cup team
Report/Pictures/Videos on Reports page.

Laws and new ELVs
Please see the ref's site for the rugby laws we play to.

There are new ELVs for the 2012/13 season

As from 1 September 2012 we are advised by the iRB that some experimental laws will be in operation globally. These are NOT in the 2012 Law Book but are available to download here in PDF format. The new ELVs

The Law amendments to be trialled globally that affect Midlands referees are:
a. Law 16.7 (Ruck): The ball has to be used within five seconds of it being made available at the back of a ruck with a warning from the referee to “use it”. Sanction – Scrum.
b. Law 19.2 (b) (Quick Throw-In): For a quick throw in, the player may be anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch and the player’s goal line (i.e. it seems the inference is that the throw can be forward as long as it is not past line of touch)
c. Law 19.4 (Who Throws In): When the ball goes into touch from a knock-on, the non-offending team will be offered the choice of a lineout at the point the ball crossed the touch line; or a scrum at the place of the knock-on. The non-offending team may exercise this option by taking a quick throw-in.
d. Law 20.1(g) Engagement procedure changed to Crouch, Touch, Set.
e. Law 21.4 (Penalty and Free Kick Options and Requirements): Lineout alternative. A team awarded a penalty or a free kick at a lineout may choose a further lineout, they throw in. This is in addition to the scrum option.
e. A conversion kick must be completed within one minute 30 seconds from the time that a try has been awarded.
Additionally, in England, rolling subs are to be allowed at Level 5 (National 3) and all levels below, i.e all Midlands Leagues.

Be Rugby Ready!
For any players, this on-line resource takes you through 17 modules about training and playing rubgy. You are guided through each section with tests and a certificate at the end! Go to:

Must be paid by mid October, or weekly subs increase.
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Learn about some of the players here. Player Profiles.

The 2008/2009 team photos.
First team:

Second team: