Essington RUFC

Owen Cup Final 2008
Owen Cup Final - Sunday 4th May 2008.

Utoxetter 29 – Essington 5.

Essington reached their first ever cup final. It was a wet and miserable day with rain and wind not helping the occasion.

The match was started with the massive cheers of the Essington support which never stopped backing up the team for the entire afternoon.

The game started ominously with the Utoxetter team getting there hands on the ball early and signalling their intent to run hard and support well. The tackling of Essington was put to the test time and time again as the younger and faster Utoxetter team kept creating overlaps and supporting well. Utoxetter scored a couple of trys in the first 20 minutes, this seemed to wake the Essington defence and push them on to make even more tackles every yard being hard earned by the Utoxetter team.

With the first half drawing to a close saw a an injury to Sally which meant a re-shuffle and Phil Chandler coming onto the pitch. With his first touch of the ball he attempted a drop goal (sorry I was not supposed to write that), he made a deft grub kick through the defence which was chased well by young sally Gaz Thompson who got the try. The half ended seconds later.

The first half saw more of the same as Essington struggled to maintain possession of the ball…and some quite unbelievable refereeing decisions making things a lot worse. The toll of the tackling duties was beginning to slow the Essington team further and Utoxetter scored more trys and a drop kick direct from a penalty????

The game ended with Essington being able to hold there heads high and be proud of the stirling effort shown in what was quite a one sided game.

Well done to all involved players, supporters, friends and family.